C&C 95 / Gold XP Patch

This guide will help you to install C&C 95 or Gold and be able to play it over Windows XP.

1. Insert the GDI/Nod disc into the DVD/CD-Rom driver. Go to My Computer, left click over the Disc Icon>Open (see the 1st screenshot). Now, in the Disc dir, left click over INSTAL.exe>properties>compatibility>run in compability mode with Windows 95. Then, Apply, then, Accept (see 2nd and 3rd screenshoot).

2. Now, run INSTALL.exe. Select the folder, and install. IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T, I REPEAT, DON'T INSTALL THE DIRECTX PATCH, IT'S SO MUCH OLDER THAN THE XP (see 4th screenshoot).

3. After that, the game has been installed. Congratulations! Now, you must apply the XP patch. Just go to this FTP (The Official Westwood one) and download the Patch: ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/ccgold/CCGOLDXPPATCH.ZIP (see 5th screenshoot).

4. After download the patch, unzip it into the C&C95 folder. Overwrite the other THIPX32.dll and press accept (see image 6th). Now, you only need to apply the compatibility mode to the C&C95 game. To do this, go to the C&C95 folder, left click over C&C95.exe>properties>compatibility>Run in compatibility mode with Windows 95. Then apply, then, accept (see 7th screenshoot).

5. Now, you only need to check if the game works. Run C&C95.exe and it should work. Congratulations!

Image 1

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This guide was created by OccultSpectre.

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