Command & Conquer Red Alert

I have Windows XP on my computer and I want to install the
windows 95 version of Command & Conquer Red Alert, only it doesn't
install on my computer. What should I do?

There is a patch for this problem. Please download the
following patch read the instruction in the readme file also stated
below and you are should be able to play Command & Conquer Red Alert on
your Windows XP.

Click Here for patch!


Red Alert 1 Windows XP Fix

1. Uninstall Red Alert 1 if previously installed.

2. Insert a Red Alert CD into your CD-ROM drive. When the autoplay menu appears, choose "Explore CD."

3. Find "Setup.exe," right-click, and choose "Properties." Click on the Compatibility mode tab and set the compatibility to Windows 95.

4. Install Red Alert as you would normally, but do not reboot when it
prompts you to.

5. Open up My Computer and navigate to your Red Alert directory (usually C:\Westwood\REDALERT).

6. Right-click on a blank area in the folder, and "Sort by file type."

7. Change the compatibility mode on all of the executable files (about 7-8) to Windows 95.

8. Extract "Thipx32.dll" contained in this zip file to your Red Alert Directory, overwriting the existing Thipx32.dll.

9. Boot up Red Alert and have fun!

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