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Bearded Gaming

The Chipin

By donating to Bearded Gaming you allow us to aquire better software, hardware and games. Most importantly this gives us the ability to organise events every now and then; including give-aways and other fun content!

Channel info

Bearded Gaming is a channel owned by two casters: Cameron Joshua and Joep Janson. Both play games for hours and hours on end and decided to team up to get a more active channel. You can expect RTS, RPG, MMO, FPS and much more here! Joining the team we have FoOzTV and Tesseract24. In the weekends The DJD joins us as a guestcaster! We encourage an active chat, so don't hesitate to say hello!

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Channel rules

  1. Always listen to the Mods!
  2. Respect other viewers!
  3. No discrimination at all!
  4. Trolling is allowed, but keep it friendly!
  5. Ask for permission before posting a link
  6. No pornographic links
  7. No direct or indirect promoting of other channels
  8. *Grow a goddamn beard!!

*optional rule

Streamer Information

Computer Specifications

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