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IMPORTANT: The optional launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. Try running these programs, if running them fails at startup try installing the framework. You will most likely already have this framework installed as it's used by a lot of software.


ZIP files:

Video Files split into four parts:

Misc. files:

Theme packs for older Windows:

Theme Pack for Windows 7 (coming soon!)

Map packs (coming later)

Mission packs (coming later)

Language packs:


PortableRA is a Command and Conquer: Red Alert package or "build" that includes all the latest patches to the game, it comes with the preferred way of playing the game online, which is CnCNet and comes with CnC-DDraw which modernizes the rendering system used by the game and includes a few fixes. It also comes with the ra303p-iran patch, based on hifi's "p-series" patches, a configuration tool (a front-end to every option the game has) called RedAlertConfig and a simple launcher program called RedAlertLauncher.

This package is completely no-CD, allows you to enable/disable expansions on the fly, allows you to play expansion maps without having the expansions enabled, allows you to select which official maps to display, allows you to disable the build speed multiplier cap when the Aftermath expansion is enabled and MUCH more. The package has a fix for the memory corruption and "Out of Sync" issues that happen after playing (most?) modded maps and then playing another map. It also comes with a patched version of CnC-DDraw which with the help of the ra303p-iran patch does stretching of videos and needed game screens (e.g. map selection screen), both in OpenGL and GDI renderer modes!

The integrated patch adds support for playing the game at any resolution you want (even 3200x3200!), instead of the game's limited 640x480 resolution. This package works with every Windows version starting from Windows 95 (though the optional config tool and launcher might not work under really old Windows versions). It also supports Linux and Mac OS X %100 under the Wine compatiblity layer software!

Support can be found on the Command & Conquer Communications Center forums and on the CnCNet chat. If you join the chat you might need to wait up to a few hours for support, but most of the time you'll get a response in half a hour. YES, there are people in the chat but no one checks the chat every minute so you'll have to wait a little bit.

The main forum thread for this project can be found on the forums.