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IMPORTANT: The optional launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. Try running these programs, if running them fails at startup try installing the framework. You will most likely already have this framework installed as it's used by a lot of software.


ZIP files:

Video Files split into four parts:

Misc. files:

Theme packs for older Windows:

Theme Pack for Windows 7 (coming soon!)

Map packs (coming later)

Mission packs (coming later)

Language packs:

Macintosh (Mac)

Getting Red Alert to work with Mac OS X is really simple. You'll need a Mac running an Intel processor. The following steps are required:

  1. Download PlayOnMac.
  2. Click "Install" and then click "Install a non-listed program at the bottom of the new window that appears.
  3. tutorial
  4. Choose "Install a program in a new virtual drive".
  5. tutorial
  6. Choose "Configure Wine".
  7. tutorial
  8. Now you should see a dialog with the wine glass, take a note of the path where drive_c is located (it's only shown for a while). Configure "Emulate a virtual desktop" 1280x800. (This might not be needed, but it's advised the first time you configure Wine.)
  9. tutorial
  10. Add 'ddraw' and 'wsock32' to the library override list, write them in the top drop down and click 'Add' (one at a time).
  11. tutorial
  12. Note: If after you configure Wine it asks for the setup executable, press 'Cancel'. Unzip the package or run the installer from the PortableRA site, place the files in your Wine drive_c folder.
  13. tutorial
  14. Then add shortcuts:
  15. tutorial
  16. Open 'ddraw.ini' in your PortableRA folder with a text editor and configure it to use "width=1280", "height=800", "maxfps=120", "renderer=opengl".
  17. tutorial
  18. Install Mono to get RedAlertLauncher.exe and RedAlertConfig.exe working.
  19. Run RedAlertLauncher.exe, if that doesn't work run ra95.exe directly or cncnet.exe for online play.
  20. tutorial

    That's it, enjoy!

    NOTE: you need to install xquartz. The PlayOnMac application should install it automatically. If it doesn't you can download it HERE.