Download Installer from MediaFire

Download video installer from Putlocker

IMPORTANT: The optional launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. Try running these programs, if running them fails at startup try installing the framework. You will most likely already have this framework installed as it's used by a lot of software.


ZIP files:

Video Files split into four parts:

Misc. files:

Theme packs for older Windows:

Theme Pack for Windows 7 (coming soon!)

Map packs (coming later)

Mission packs (coming later)

Language packs:


Getting Red Alert to work with Linux is really simple. The following steps are required:

  1. Install Wine.
  2. Run the PortableRA intaller under Wine or download and extract the main 11 MB ZIP package. You can find them HERE.
  3. Open up 'winecfg'.
  4. Inside winecfg create configuration options for the ra95.exe file included in the PortableRA folder. Set it to run under Windows 95 compatibility and add native overrides for 'wsock32.dll' and 'ddraw.dll'.
  5. Install Mono to get RedAlertLauncher.exe and RedAlertConfig.exe working.

Run RedAlertLauncher.exe under Mono. If it doesn't work run under Wine ra95.exe directly or cncnet.exe for online play.

That's it, enjoy!